Moving Tips

Moving Tips


  • Valuables

Make a separate list for the valuables you have placed in each box. Know the value of each and make any arrangements necessary beforehand to properly insure those items. Many moving companies offer insurance as part of their service, but you can find a third party insurer if it makes you feel more secure.

  • Boxes

Use pre-made moving boxes rather than makeshift boxes or used boxes from the local stores. Moving boxes are specifically designed to maintain form and protect your items. They are also uniform in size and shape, which will make loading a moving van easier and more cost effective for you.

  • Fragile Item

When packing asymmetrical items that are very fragile, plan ahead. Try to find a spot that perfectly or nearly perfectly accommodates that items shape and dimensions. Do not try to force an asymmetrical item into a certain box and do not leave too much air space between it as it will get damaged during the settling process.

  • Hazardous Material

It is prohibited for moving companies to transport hazardous materials. Please make sure you have not wraped or packed in the box as  it might have bad outcome. We are looking forward for smooth operation during the move day.

  • How to Choose a Moving Company

When it comes time to sign paper work, make sure  you sign a detailed moving contract. Never sign blank paperwork or paper work without the company’s letterhead. Also, make sure the price is included on the paperwork that you sign.

  • Hot to Move on the Budget

If you have a pet, make arrangements with a trusted neighbor who can watch your pet for several days. The best days would obviously be the day before and after the move and the moving day itself. This will keep your pet stress free and you with more time to spend carefully preparing and moving your items. It will also save you money on boarding your pet.